The Secret to Keeping Things Up: A Comedic Look at Orthopaedic Bras and Compression Wear

Posted by Michele Bourque on

Hey there, bosom buddies! Are you tired of your girls going rogue and staging a mutiny against gravity? Do you dread the thought of putting on that old, saggy bra that's seen better days? Well, fear not! We've got just the thing to lift your spirits (and your assets) – orthopaedic bras and compression wear!

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Orthopaedic bras? Compression wear? Sounds about as exciting as watching paint dry." But hold onto your straps, because we're about to turn your lingerie drawer into a comedy club with these hilarious tales of support and compression!

Picture this: You're getting ready for a night out with the girls, but instead of struggling into your usual bra that feels like a straightjacket for your boobs, you slip into one of our orthopaedic wonders. Suddenly, it's like your girls are getting VIP treatment at a luxury spa – lifted, supported, and ready to hit the town with confidence!

And let's not forget about compression wear – the unsung hero of the underwear world. Say goodbye to muffin tops and love handles, because our compression garments will have you looking smoother than a freshly Zambonied ice rink. Plus, they're so comfy, you'll feel like you're getting a gentle hug from your favourite grandma – minus the awkward cheek pinches.

But wait, there's more! Our orthopaedic bras and compression wear aren't just for everyday use. They're also perfect for those special occasions when you need a little extra oomph. Whether you're hitting the gym, running a marathon, or just trying to survive another day at the office, our bras and compression garments have got you covered – literally!

So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to sagging, squishing, and squeezing, and hello to a world of comfort, support, and side-splitting laughter with our orthopaedic bras and compression wear. Your girls will thank you – and so will your funny bone! Shop online at or in person, - book your appointment see you soon! - Michele Bourque, certified bra fitter and owner of the Ottawa Bra Clinic, Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

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