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Our bras come in 145 bra sizes that range from sizes 28A to 44KK in Beige, Black and Pink.  Our boutique-style high-end bras are well constructed and expertly engineered for quality and optimal design. Our bras can be altered and are custom-fit to guarantee the perfect fit. 

Our bras are so well constructed and designed, they qualify as orthopedic and post-surgical devices. They have a class 1 medical device establishment license issued by Health Canada. 

It is highly recommended that you get measured before getting any of our bras as our sizes are different from over the counter store bought bras plus a weight gain or loss 7-10 pounds can change your bra size.  

Photo of Michele Bourque, Owner & Certified Bra Fitter of Ottawa Bra Clinic

Be fitted online by Ottawa Bra Clinic owner/certified bra fitter Michele Bourque, available via telephone, Zoom & Skype. Book via

Some highlights of our Four Styles of Bras:

No elastic in the straps – our bras have strong cotton which helps to keep the bra straps in place.  Elastic is usually the first thing to go in the bra.  With wear, elastic stretches and loses its elasticity very quickly and this can put added stress on the neck, shoulders and back resulting in pain and suffering. 

Built in directional guides - this helps with circulation of the breast tissue for improved breast health. Also, the directional guides help keep the breast tissue in front where it is supposed to be rather than under your arms or into your back.

No underwire - but we have a durable cotton shelf – which provides for comfortable optimal lifting support.  Underwire can be very uncomfortable and can pinch and poke and compromise the lymphatic drainage system especially if you are in the wrong size bra.  Blockages of the lymphatic drainage system can cause excess fluid to build up which can result in underarm puffiness.

Support under the arms -  our bras have cotton lining under the arms to help provide structure and support under the arms. 

Hidden pocket only in the Diagonal bra to provide the customer with a place for their prosthesis or their filler so there will be no movement of the prosthesis or filler.  

The Diagonal and the Vertical bra have soft cotton fabric next to the breast tissue for comfort and to provide for anyone with sensitivities in the breast area.    

Not sure what to buy someone? Purchase our gift card and email it to the person so they can choose their own.

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