Bras & Lingerie Collection

Discover Our Bras Explore our diverse range of bras, available in 145 sizes ranging from 28A to 44KK in Beige, Black, and Pink. Crafted with boutique-style elegance, our high-end bras are meticulously constructed and expertly engineered for quality and optimal design.

Orthopedic and Post-Surgical Quality Our bras are not just fashion statements—they're also orthopedic and post-surgical devices. With a Class 1 medical device establishment license issued by Health Canada, our bras meet rigorous standards for both comfort and therapeutic benefits.

Expert Fittings for Perfect Fit Ensure the ideal fit for your bra with personalized fittings by Ottawa Bra Clinic owner and certified bra fitter, Michele Bourque. Available via telephone, Zoom, and Skype, book your fitting appointment online for convenience and accuracy. Or in person in Ottawa, Ontario.

Highlight Features of Our Bras

  • No Elastic in the Straps: Our bras feature strong cotton straps, eliminating elastic that tends to lose elasticity quickly, causing discomfort and pain.
  • Built-in Directional Guides: Enhance breast health with built-in directional guides that improve circulation and keep breast tissue in place.
  • No Underwire: Experience optimal lifting support with a durable cotton shelf, eliminating the discomfort and health risks associated with underwire bras.
  • Supportive Underarm Lining: Enjoy added structure and support with cotton lining under the arms, preventing sagging and discomfort.
  • Hidden Pocket Design: The Diagonal bra features a hidden pocket for prostheses or fillers, ensuring stability and comfort.
  • Soft Cotton Fabric: Both the Diagonal and Vertical bras feature soft cotton fabric next to the breast tissue for maximum comfort, ideal for those with sensitivities.

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