Discover the Aesthetic Benefits

Clinically proven anti-cellulite claims with consistent wear* through increased micro-circulation (*at least 6 hours per day for a month.) Better skin – improved tissue health, clarity, smoothness, and elasticity. Our products serve as excellent 'canvas pieces', seamlessly complementing various styles and fashion choices.


Explore Therapeutic Technologies

Discover FIRMA's innovative crystal/ceramic additive, designed to absorb body heat and reflect it back to the wearer at a targeted wavelength. Designed for the benefits of increased microcirculation, vasodilation, and other potential beneficial effects. Gentle compression helps to provide relief from everyday aches and discomfort. It can also provide additional stability and support to the body, and in conjunction with the fabric’s technological effects, can provide better recovery and less build-up of lactic acid in the wearer’s body. Can be used to combat poor circulation and discomfort while travelling or immobile for long periods of time.


Comfort and Fashion

FIRMA is made with a sleek polyamide microfiber that offers a wide range of benefits, including anti-microbial effects, anti-fungal effects, and a beautiful feel and sheen to the fabric itself.

Seamless construction ensures consistent compression and molds to the body beautifully.