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What you wear can support you AND be comfortable: What is compression wear? How does it help support your muscles etc.

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photo Michele Bourque, Owner Ottawa Bra Clinic and braclinic.caWatch video ... I'm wearing FIRMA Energywear Compression Garments. SO comfortable! You wouldn't know to look at them that they are compression garments that gently hug, not squeeze. A wonderful gift of comfort to yourself, or to anyone you love that has aches and pains. And for anyone who simply wants to be comfortable - looked dressed yet feel like you are in pyjamas all day. Especially anyone who stands for long periods like nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, or suffers from myalgia etc. Orthopaedic licensed, so many 3rd party healthcare plans cover the cost of these products if you have a doctor's prescription due to health needs - sore backs, sore shoulders, sore muscles etc. Check out the video. I wear FIRMA a LOT. And highly recommend them. They also make a wonderful gift for employees to show how much you appreciate them. Gift certificates are available on the website. Check out our line of products. All are orthopaedic licensed. Click read more for a 60 second video - I'm wearing FIRMA Energywear.

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